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How do I do a hard reset (complete format) of the E71?

Posted: 14:57 01 Aug 08 #1
  • BrianLy
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Apologies but this is a cross-post from the Expansys USA forums. I've bought my E71 in the US, and the US forums are a bit quieter than the UK ones.

I've tried to follow the directions at and Neither of these seem to work. Any ideas?

If I key in *#7370# it will offer to send service command, but comes back with Request Not Completed. Holding the green key with 3 and * whilst powering on doesn't seem to start a format. Should something appear on the screen.

Thanks, Brian





Posted: 15:16 01 Aug 08 #2
  • Yoni
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  • Yoni
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Please don't multi post the same question.  

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Posted: 16:42 01 Aug 08 #3
  • berkie
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sorry to bother you, but I am new here and I have searched the site and I cant find where I need to go to post a question in the forum.
Posted: 23:38 01 Aug 08 #4
  • anitalg
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  • anitalg
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Go to the product you want to ask a question about, go to forum and at the top it should say post new thread. If you really cant find it post back here ;-)
Posted: 11:48 12 Aug 08 #5
  • dawsonas
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  • dawsonas
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*#7370# and *#7780# work on my E71 and reset the system to factory settings - note though this doesn't really do a hard reset as it leaves a lot of stuff on the phone (documents, contacts, calendar etc) it really just resets the settings. The same thing can be achieved via the menus Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> GEneral -> and scroll down to Factory Settings. Agasin though this just resets the settings element but leave data intact.

If you really want to get rid of everything and restore the system to a factory shipped state the easist way is to use the Nokia Software Updater and reflash the ROM image.



Alan (Using HTC Shift, Nokia E71, Diamond, i780)

Posted: 13:45 16 Aug 08 #6
  • karen-s
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No really Alan, this does a complete re-format of the device - it@s just taken me 2 days to restore everything!! I need a decent backup programme - there appears to be nothing like backupbuddy or resco backup for the nokia. Any suggestions?
Posted: 07:39 18 Aug 08 #7
  • dawsonas
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  • dawsonas
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What does a complete reset of the device. As I said the menu options and the *# codes do not get rid of everything the only really sound way is to reflash using the updater. Even the Nokia manuals will tell you the menu options do NOT get rid of everything as here on P124 of the E71 english manual

Restore original settings

To restore the original device settings, select Factorysettings. To do this, you need your device lock code.

After resetting, the device may take a longer time to

power on. Documents, contact information, calendar

entries, and files are unaffected.

As for backup programs the phone comes with 2 options:

1. Use PCSuite with the phone connected - the icon in PCSuite that looks like a safe with an arrow is the backup tool which lets you dump a backup file to a directory on the PC

2. On phone use Menu -> Memory -> Options -> Backup Phone Memory and you can save this to any storage card on the phone


Alan (Using HTC Shift, Nokia E71, Diamond, i780)

Posted: 14:52 12 Sep 10 #8

Hi Allan:

   If you are still following this thread could you let me know how I would use the softwhere updater to restore the factory state of my phone.When I do this can I do it without my sim card or, with an inactive sim card? So as not to risk the information on my sim card.


Thanks, Jason

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